18 Wonderful Industrial Patio Designs That Will Make You Spend More Time Outside

Enjoying the outdoors is a trait that houses can offer to its residents unlike most apartments but as we know, the industrial home decor style is usually applied to lofts and apartments that resulted after a conversion of a warehouse or another place initially intended for industrial purpose into a residence. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all industrial homes are lofts and apartments, but most actually are. That is why we want to show you this collection that is going to present you some designs of houses and lofts that have made space for an industrial patio area that can offer its hosts a place to enjoy the sun in comfort.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we’ll show youΒ 18 Wonderful Industrial Patio Designs That Will Make You Spend More Time Outside.Β Check them out below. They are full of ideas that you can use to make your home even better than it already is if this is the style you’re after. If that’s the case, then make sure to check out our very recent collection ofΒ 18 Fantastic Industrial Deck Designs For The Outdoor Lifestyle LoversΒ for even more inspirational ideas!

1. Industrial Patio

2. Extravagantly Modern Estate in Laurelhurst

3. Desert Waterhole – Sonoran Steel – Paradise Valley

4. Industrial patio

5. Newtown Residence

6. 21 Wilkes Street

7. SAT house

8. La Ruina Habitada

9. Modern Design

10. Clark House

11. Industrial Patio

12. Marylebone Penthouse

13. Delz Warehouse

14. Warehouse Conversion

15. Industrial Patio


17. Industrial patio

18. Claremont House


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