18 Practical Sliding Door Designs That Are Worth Seeing

Modern living standards mean the use of every centimeter of space, and to create functional home in small square. An ideal solution for such interiors, especially if you want to get an extra space in them, are the sliding doors. We are often amazed by apartments and houses in which space has been used up to the last centimeter, and especially when designers in a small space have created more beautiful ambience, than would have been expected.

The classic doors, for example, steals precious space when opening and closing, unlike the sliding doors that move along the wall, thus saving space. Sliding doors are also the ideal solution when we have a built-in wardrobe in the kitchen, hallway or any other room of the apartment, or when we want to separate the room in order to get a new room. An additional motive for sliding doors in the home is the fact that they are now in the trend – whether it’s gypsum doors, glass with dark alu-profiles or rustic-style wood. Look for inspiration in our suggestions – sliding doors are truly a great solution for every room in the apartment!


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