18 Luxurious Industrial Bathroom Designs That Will Dazzle You

If you’ve ever lived in a downtown loft, chances are it has been decorated in the industrial style. It is no accident that most industrial-style dwellings are found in downtown areas of cities that flourished during the industrial revolution such as Boston, New York and many other American cities. They have been created when an industrial building no longer had a purpose and was converted into a residential building. That is why most industrial lofts feature old brick walls and tall ceilings.

Welcome to a new compilation of interior designs in which we’ve showcased 18 Luxurious Industrial Bathroom Designs That Will Dazzle You. Take a minute to explore the interiors that we’ve introduced in this list and you’ll find plenty of amazing ideas that will show you why the industrial bathroom is different from bathrooms designed in other styles. It is authentic and often times makes use of accents that can’t be found in other styles. This collection is a part of our ongoing showcase of the industrial style which we’ve started with our recent list of 18 Outstanding Industrial Kitchen Interiors You Will Fall In Love With. Enjoy!

1. Industrial Bathroom in Denver


2. The “Loft” En-Suite


3. Brockington Bathroom

4. Modern Industrial bath

5. The Industrial Chic Home


7. Carlaw Loft

8. Casa GZ, les Navas, Barcelona

9. Little Richardson

10. Graffiti House

11. Shoreditch bathroom

12. Watford Project

13. Modern Loft Gut


15. St. Petersburg Loft

16. Mandeville Courtyard

17. Mill District Residence

18. Luxury Bachelor Pad



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Author: Fidan Jovanov

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