18 Fantastic Tropical Child’s Room Designs That Will Amaze You

Specifying how much space you have is the very first thing that you need to do when planning a child’s room, and after that you can choose the right colors, furniture and decorations for children. If your child is of a creative kind, you can afford plenty of items and patterns that will make it feel special. Palms, ships, boats, bamboo, wave boards, monkeys, flowers, sea creatures and other accents would fit great in children’s rooms in a tropical style. The colors of the sea, sand, green, is the preferred solution in the selection of the design.

The walls are very creative place for such a room. There are several different ways to wrap them in appropriate colors and shades. Can be covered with murals or simply painted with a certain tropical picture. Bedside tables made of logs, four-poster bed or a mural on the ceiling – all this will complement the vision of the child. Starfish, shells, ship models, straw hats, bamboo branches or palms, are an ideal choice for children’s rooms in a tropical style. Be generous in choosing colors. Bright green, yellow, orange, brown, blue and pink, will help you to give satisfaction to your child. See our ideas and pick the best idea for your child!


Image via Jim Gross Photography


Image via Johnny Stevens


Image via Mary Prince


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