18 Excellent Ideas For Decorating Bedroom Properly

Quality sleep is very important both for health and for working ability during the working day. Furniture, materials and colors that bedroom is equipped with, can affect the sleep and therefore your mood, because the lack of sleep is a major cause of stress. Perfect recipe for quality sleep is the bed is made entirely of wood – no metal connectors. This means slates of bed to be wooden. Equally important is the distance of the TV, computer, mobile phone – at least 150 to 200 cm from the bed.

Namely, although not fully proven, many scientists believe that beds made of metal hinder the sleep. The reason for this is that metal is a material that spent the electromagnetic waves, and it is often mentioned as a reason for insomnia and headaches. Also, the optimal solution is the mattress is made from natural materials such as latex, wool or coir, jute, etc., which would adapt to the body and thus sleep will make enjoyable. When buying slates and mattress, you should know that most comfortable combinations – flexible bed frame with softer mattress and inflexible bed frame with a firmer mattress.

As for the colors for the bedroom are recommended warm neutral and earth tones (brown, sand color, burgundy, …) as well as gentle, pastel colors of green, blue and purple. To enjoy with all the senses, set in the room lavender or chamomile (to relax) with rosemary (the awakening), and the smell of cinnamon or rose would make a romantic atmosphere.

18 Excellent Ideas For Decorating Bedroom Properly

Image via Emma Lewis Photography

18 Excellent Ideas For Decorating Bedroom Properly

Image via Jaw Designs


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