18 Enjoyable Contemporary Deck Designs For Your Backyard Or Terrace

The end of the hot and sunny days of summer is getting near but that is not a reason not to make the best of what’s left. There are numerous ways you can enjoy the summer and some of those include going on a vacation to a place that has a sea or if you prefer a mountain resort. But you can’t always be somewhere, so you should make sure that you can enjoy the beautiful weather even when you are at home. With our previous collections of outdoor designs from the contemporary style such as 15 Wonderful Contemporary Patio Designs To Enjoy During The Sunny Days and 16 Delightful Contemporary Landscape Designs To Upgrade Your Garden we have shown you quite a lot of ideas that you can use in your backyard or garden.

Today, we are going to introduce you to yet another collection of outdoor designs from the contemporary style which features 18 Enjoyable Contemporary Deck Designs For Your Backyard Or Terrace. What this collection differs from the previous two is that it will also give you ideas that you can use on your balcony or terrace in case you don’t have access to a backyard or garden. Enjoy!

One Shenton Sky Suite

Greenwich Residence


Neubau Reflecting Cube

New York Apartment

Madrona Pacific Northwest Modern

Boston, MA Urban Townhome

Southampton Beach House

Villa F

Claremont St Penthouse

Far Sight House

Haus W

Reid Residence

Casa Monteprincipe

Notting Hill, West London

Contemporary Deck In The Backyard

Upper East Side Town House

Skyline Spec


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