18 Charming Country Bedroom Designs That Will Delight You

Country style is natural and comfortable, with a simple and enjoyable experience, that can be achieved with warm colors, mixed textures and can be adapted to all tastes, to suits and ladies’ and men’s sensibilities. Bedroom in country style is rich with warm colors, roughly cut wood and antique finishes, and colors that do not fit in country style are cold gray, a lot of black, metallic. You need to use colors such as cream, white, light brown, butter yellow, all shades of blue, red, on the walls can use wallpaper with a pattern of small flowers, wine, old wood, and even checkered patterns. The curtains in the bedroom in a Country style should be light, plain white curtains, does not need to be too broad. Floors should be made of wood, it is a compulsory part of country style, covered with wool carpet.

For the country style is distinctive furniture that with its harsh treatment should look like it has long been used but carefully maintained. Do not use chrome furniture, incorrect and unnatural shapes, and glass furniture. Use wood that gives warmth and comfort to this style. Also, you can use wicker furniture in its natural color or dyed. Old chest of drawers, dresser with mirror on top, some old worn chairs – all this fits in country style. Solid wood cabinets are ideal for hiding the TV and other technical equipment, of course, you can use them for storing clothes, shoes and the like. Finally, to complete the look of your country room, should get a rocking chair. Do not forget that all the furniture should be vintage, rustic, ancient, antique, made of natural materials, roughly dressed with floral or some other pattern!


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