18 Captivating Coastal Entrance Designs You Just Can’t Pass Up

Isn’t it wonderful when you’re walking back towards your home and you can just look at the entrance of your home waiting to greet you happily and help you take the load off? A great coastal entrance will do that for you. The entrance is more than just a door. It is a rather practical space that will give you make your arrival at home much more comfortable as you’ll have space to put down the stuff you’re carrying, take your shoes off or even sit down and relax for a little bit. A good entryway will also give you the space you need to greet guests and welcome them in your home.

Take a look at the designs that we’ve brought to you today in our collection of 18 Captivating Coastal Entrance Designs You Just Can’t Pass Up. These designs will prove to you that the entrance can be more than just a practical space. It can be an elegant part of your home that gives but a hint of what to expect inside. In this collection, we’ve focused more on the outdoor part of the entrance of the coastal home. If you’re also interested to see the interior part, make sure you take a look at our recent collection of 16 Fascinating Coastal Entry Hall Designs That Will Welcome You Inside. Enjoy!

1. Pecan – Beach Bungalow


2. The Anchorage

3. Little Pond Cove

4. Newport Beach Custom Home

5. Designer Dream Home – Coronado, CA

6. The Cottage on the Cape

7. Shingle-Style Lake Home

8. Coastal Entrance

9. South Bay Coastal Farmhouse

10. Vero Beach Renovation

11. Big Bluff

12. Coastal Entry Way

13. Peninsula Acres


14. Nantucket Coastal

15. Coast Royal

16. Coastal Entrance

17. Old Naples Custom Home


18. Beach Style Entry


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Author: Fidan Jovanov

Fidan Jovanov

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