18 Astonishing Ideas To Transform Your Bedroom Into Anti-Stress Zone

In interior design, decorating the bedroom is always sweet challenge. It is an area that we can completely adapt to ourselves, because it is exactly that – completely private and only our spot for relaxation. It all starts with a bed and bedding. Choose a good mattress which is fully compliant and which will provide an opportunity for quality sleep that so needed to rest after a long day. If you are not able to change the old mattress, improve it by adding mattresses, which is more affordable.

Whichever color you choose for the walls of the bedroom, it should be one shade that you really like. Therefore, think carefully. If you are more ‘morning’ type, who loves light and the sun on the face when you woke up, choose a lighter color. If you have trouble with sleeping, your choice should be darker, calming shades. If painting the walls is not an option, use colorful cushions to enter the good energy in the room. Organization is the key to converting the bedroom into an anti-stress zone. Make sure that everything has its place and stick to it. Clothing should be placed in the closet and drawers, not on the bed. Keep jewelry, cosmetics and handbags grouped in a certain place, a shelf or drawer. Decorative hooks can also serve as a place for storage, and plus they have a nice look. See some beautiful examples of some bedrooms with calming look and you will remain astonished!

Image via Ken Fine Photography


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