17 Stunning Scandinavian Bathroom Designs You’re Going To Love

The bathroom is the most intimate space in your home and it should be treated with care when you are choosing a new design for it. It doesn’t matter if the space you have available is big or small, there’s one thing that you must keep in mind – avoid clutter in your bathroom at all costs. Not just because of the way it will look. Clutter will make you even less motivated to clean your bathroom.
The Scandinavian bathroom is the perfect example for a space, big or small, lacking of clutter and that is one of the reasons why this style is becoming more and more popular. First off, it looks modern but it focuses on functionality of the decor.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we are going to show you 17 Stunning Scandinavian Bathroom Designs You’re Going To Love. This style’s ever growing popularity motivated us to start yet another full showcase in which we will include designs of all the parts of the Scandinavian home. Not long ago, we started this showcase off with a collection of 16 Dazzling Scandinavian Kitchen Designs You Just Have To See and soon, we will have even more designs from this style. Enjoy!

Skogsängsvägen 19

Scandinavian Bathroom

Maryville, Porthcurno


Scandi Bathroom

Styling Glindragränd

Bergsgatan 27

Bronte Apartment

Vautier St Elwood Home

Scandinavian Bathroom

Whistler Residence

Bleecker Street Duplex

Sydney Street

Tulegatan 23

Kungsladugård, Carnegiegatan

Hedges Lane, Sagaponack, NY

Scandinavian Bathroom Interior


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