17 Ravishing Living Room Designs With Corner Fireplace

Are you lucky enough to have a living room with fireplace? Do you have the desire to decorate it for each season? Or you can made a focal point for the beautiful room? It’s easy to do that, because the fireplace looks traditional and slighted boring, but it’s also easy to create a sleek, contemporary space that will match the rest of your home.

See some of the ideas bellow, for the modern living room with fireplace and we hope you will find inspiration for your space. The design of this areas is amazing. Mixed and matched patterns with small outbursts of interesting colors will only enrich this room to look trendy. The slope of the wall and clean and smooth fireplace is not only functional, but the fireplace acts as a work of art on the wall. Parts with a brick will add beautiful effects for even more sleek and comfortable room. If you don’t have big space, you can set the fireplace in some corner. That way, you will have elegant small living room, with fireplace as focal point. Check out the following collection and see some examples that will motivate you to do the same in your living room. Enjoy!


Image via Peter A. Sellar



View on the modern living-room





Image via Richard Leo Johnson Photography


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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