17 Passionate Red Kitchen Designs That You Must See

Red brings a powerful and exciting feeling. Contrary to expectations in the contemporary design, this color is more often preferred for use in the kitchen. Kitchen in red can look equally well in both modern style and retro broadcast or with Provencal motives. Red is suitable in many combinations, but most often occurs in conjunction with basic and classic black and white. And this is not accidental. Traditional combinations do not bring surprises. What is more beautiful than a white kitchen with red backsplash, for example !? Also the kitchen would look wonderful with a red background with black counter.

Wood is an ideal material for the manufacture of a retro kitchen in red. This strong color is good to use for cabinets and other items will look good if they are selected in the color of natural wood or dark brown. Several wicker baskets, wreaths or wrought iron, will complete the beautiful picture. When you choose so strong and vivid color for the base, it is good to balance the furniture in the kitchen. Be frugal with details, no clutter, and combine a maximum of two shades. The accents may be, as fittings and tiles, as created by decorative details such as pots, vases or teapots. The marble floor in black, would be an ideal choice for kitchen in red. Black thick walls without ornamentation and with proper form, will contrast to the perfectly glossy red cabinets.

Browse our photo gallery and select your favorite cuisine in passionate red!


Image via Alyssa Lee


Image via Par Bengtsson




Image via Dale Hanson Photography


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Image via Russell Milligan




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Author: Ana Duovska


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