17 Exquisite Modern Wine Cellar Designs You Will Wish Your Home Had

If you thought that having your very own home bar is over the top, wait till you see these awesome modern wine cellar designs. But seriously, if you have the space in your home, who is to say that you can’t properly store and display your selection of wine? It doesn’t have to be over the top, it doesn’t have to be super luxurious and it doesn’t have to take an entire floor of your home. A modern wine cellar can be any size and shape you want it to be.

The design of the modern wine cellar is quite flexible and it works really well when combined with other functional spaces in your home such as your dining room or even your staircase. Take a few minutes to explore this new compilation of interior designs featuring 17 Exquisite Modern Wine Cellar Designs You Will Wish Your Home Had. Just be careful, you might become a little jealous of the owners of these incredible modern homes, but if you are set on building one for yourself, then make sure you explore the rest of our showcase of the modern home. Enjoy!

1. Merinda Farm – Palmwoods

2. Open concept modern bungalow, Oakville ON

3. Beaumaris Residence Modern Wine Cellar

4. Villa Scheller-Lange

5. Modern Wine Cellar

6. Bond Street Project

7. San Mateo Residence

8. Silent Toorak

9. 1823 North Doheny Dr. Los Angeles, CA

10. Hillsborough Residence

11. Modern Wine Cellar

12. The Garry Oak

13. Lakeview Residence

14. Waxwing House by Ancerl Studio

15. Doral Under Stairs Wine Room


17. Modern Glass Wine Room


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