17 Awesome Modern Balcony Designs You’re Gonna Love

The modern balcony can substitute your living room when it comes to some of the lounging activities, considering the weather outside allows it. But as with everything else, a well designed modern balcony is going to drag you outside. It will make you want to spend as much time as possible in its comfort while not being confined within four walls.
Depending on the space that you have at your disposal, the modern balcony can even provide a dining area, but most commonly, it is a small space typically offering a couple of sitting options and a beautiful view.

Welcome to a new collection of modern designs in which we’ve featured 17 Awesome Modern Balcony Designs You’re Gonna Love. Feel free to explore them below and remember as you go through them that some of these ideas may very well work in your home.
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1. Modern Balcony

2. TK House

3. Villa Boscana

4. Jungle House

5. Modern Balcony

6. Villa in Dormagen

7. Madrid Residence

8. Modern Balcony

9. Krailling House

10. Villa Munsöterrassen

11. Modern Balcony Decor

12. Haus K II

13. Mill Valley Residence

14. Modern Balcony

15. Paramount Bay

16. Parkside Residences

17. Seaside Residence


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