18 Startling Modern Landscape Designs Your Backyard Seriously Needs

The way you perceive the outdoor areas of your home really depends on how much you’ve invested in them. Obviously,  a well-manicured modern landscape is going to keep you outside for much longer than a backyard with nothing but lawn. Your home’s outdoor areas have a huge potential to become your desired place for resting or entertainment, but not before you transform them. To help you with that, we’re going to share some ideas with you and hopefully, you’ll be able to find them useful.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor areas in which we’ve featured 18 Startling Modern Landscape Designs Your Backyard Seriously Needs. Take a look at them below and you’ll find that there are plenty of inspirational ideas that can be applied to your very own backyard, garden or courtyard. Make sure you take a look at the rest of the outdoor areas that we’ve featured in the showcase of the modern home design, featuring designs of the modern entranceporchdeck, and patio. Enjoy!

1. YK-House

2. Modern courtyard landscaping

3. Sa Talaia House

4. Ranch Vista Palm Springs

5. Modern Landscape

6. Simple but stylish garden with a seating area for relaxing and for outdoor eating

7. Canada Bay Residence

8. Modern Landscape

9. Fort Lauderdale Waterfront Modern

10. Yan Residence

11. Dornbusch Residence

12. Modern Outdoor Living in Sloans Lake

13. Chalette- Beverly Hills

14. Large roof terrace in London

15. Hinsdale Residence

16. Hummingbird House

17. Big Timber Residence

18. The Colony House


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