18 Amazing Modern Porch Designs You’re Going To Love

There is something that plenty of modern homes lack – a porch! But why do we see so few modern porch designs as part of the new modern homes?
First off, the main purpose of the porch was to replace the living room during the summer when it gets very hot inside the house. But then air condition was invented and the construction of porches declined. Not because people don’t want to spend time outside but because they can do it in their garden or backyard and then head inside and enjoy a cool air temperature as well. We think that the modern porch is an awesome addition and we would like to show you why.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we are going to show you 18 Amazing Modern Porch Designs You’re Going To Love. Take a look at the photos that we’ve featured in this article and you’ll find yourself inspired by these modern porch designs to consider building or renovating your porch. This collection is also a part of our modern home design showcase in which we have recently started featuring the outdoor areas, such as the modern entrance. Enjoy!

1. Modern Porch

2. Casa San Lazzaro C+T

3. Modern Porch

4. Casa in Toscana

5. Villa in Marbella

6. Modern Porch

7. Pontatoc Residence Remodel

8. H17 Residence

9. Compact modern house

10. Lotus Lake House

11. Carmel Residence

12. Cove House

13. PBH Colip House

14. Cardiff Beach House

15. Rozelle Cottage

16. Peaks View Residence

17. Mandeville Canyon Residence

18. Edina Modern Farmhouse


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