16 Super Functional Ideas For Decorating Small Bedroom

Although we all dream of big expansive bedrooms where will have more space than what we needed, most of us can not afford that pleasure. Smaller optimal bedrooms, is what have almost all of us, but we can always decorate then in a way that will fully utilize the space. When it comes to storage, small bedrooms are frustrating, but that does not mean we can not be creative. Drawers under the bed, side tables with drawers or high hanging shelves, are perfect ideas for storage in the small spaces. Wicker basket or beautiful boxes are also a great option.

A simple color palette, rational system of storage and a few multifunctional pieces of furniture, are all that is necessary to prove that the lack of the space, can be compensated by their beauty and quality design. Focal wall is a simple, yet effective way to add live to a small room. Dark colors on one wall give us a feeling of warmth and isolation, making them ideal for the bedroom. Table besides the bed is more than needed, but that does not mean you should invest in a huge piece of furniture. Simple wooden chair, mini ladder or small concrete block, is all you need to postpone the book or the alarm clock. These are some simple tricks that will help you to decorate your small bedroom, to be functional and beautiful in the same time!


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