16 Stunning Farmhouse Living Room Designs That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Living in a farmhouse does not always mean that you live in a home surrounded by vast farmlands and barns housing farm animals. That’s where this style originates from but the farmhouse style has evolved much since then and can be found almost anywhere from the country to the city. This style can be as rustic or as modern as you want it to be, the important part is that it always keeps it farmhouse warmth and coziness and that’s why so many people love it.

In this new compilation of interiors, we’re going to be looking at 16 Stunning Farmhouse Living Room Designs That Will Make Your Jaw Drop. With the farmhouse living room as the focus of this fresh collection, we want to show you that this style is much more than you might assume from its name. In fact, this style is so awesome, we’ve begun working on a complete showcase where we will aim to feature as many ideas as we can. If you think this style is for you, you will enjoy our recent compilations with designs of the farmhouse kitchenbathroom, powder room and bedroom. Enjoy!

1. Hyco Lake Retreat

2. Berwyn Farmhouse Renovation

3. Project Niagara

4. Modern Farmhouse

5. Lafayette Modern Farmhouse

6. Modern Homestead Living Room

7. Farmhouse Living Room Design

8. Weston Manor

9. Coventry Farmstead

10. Haas Valley Farm

11. Panther Ridge Custom Home

12. Fishers Remodel

13. Farmhouse Fabulous

14. Rustic Barn

15. Providence at Prairie Farms

16. Modern Farmhouse


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