18 Farmhouse Bathroom Designs That Prove This Style Can Be Modern Too

The farmhouse style is usually thought of as just a mix between the rustic and traditional styles. While that is not very far from the truth, it doesn’t always apply. The farmhouse style can have many similarities with the modern style too. In fact, modern farmhouse designs have only gotten more and more popular lately. This combination takes the best of both styles and merges them into one. It takes the clean appearance of the modern style and infuses it with the warm and cozy details of the farmhouse style, creating a blend that is neither minimalist nor over-decorated.

In this new compilation of interior designs, we’re going to show you these 18 Farmhouse Bathroom Designs That Prove This Style Can Be Modern Too. Take a few moments to explore the designs that we’ve included in this list and you will acknowledge that this style can have a modern appearance as well. You’re probably going to be seeing a lot of that since we’ve started working on a completely fresh showcase of the farmhouse style with our recent compilation of 16 Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen Designs You Will Want To Have Right Now. Stay tuned for more!

1. Farmhouse Master Bathroom Remodel

2. Weston Manor

3. Libertyville Custom Farmhouse In Law Bath

4. Farmhouse meets French Country

5. Carriage House Bathroom

6. Manchester Farmhouse at Worthington

7. Modern Farmhouse Interior

8. Hawthorn Heights

9. Farmhouse Bathroom

10. New home in Campbell

11. New House on Old Town Road

12. Natick Modern Farmhouse

13. Lake Walk

14. Charlotte Bathroom Remodel

15. Farmhouse Bathroom Interior

16. The Modern Farmhouse

17. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

18. Field Residence


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