16 Soothing DIY Wind Chime Ideas You’ll Want To Make Right Now

Now that spring is finally here, you probably keep a window open through the day or maybe you spend most of the day in your backyard, but do you have a wind chime? Why not? It’s an amazing way to break the monotony and to add some beautiful melodies played by the wind. They are incredibly easy and fun to make and the best part about crafting wind chimes is that you can literally make them out of anything. The fun part lies in finding out what kind of sound do different materials produce. You can make it soft or deep, loud or quiet. You really need one!

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we are going to show you how to craft theseΒ 16 Soothing DIY Wind Chime Ideas You’ll Want To Make Right Now. Check them out below. The DIY wind chime ideas that we’ve featured in this collection are an excellent way to expose your creativity because of the many possible choices that you can make for appearance and sound and they aren’t even difficult to make, so why not build one? We’ve got you covered with tutorials anyway!

1. DIY Bottle Cap Wind Chime

2. Chain Heart DIY Wind Chime

3. Glass Cube Wind Chime

4. Vintage Treasures Wind Chime

5. Rustic Mason Jar Lid Chime

6. Vintage Mason Jar Wind Chime

7. Shabby Chic DIY Wind Chime

8. Kids Craft – DIY Key Wind Chime

9. Repurposed Flower Pot Wind Chime

10. Seashell Wind Chime

11. Upcycled Tin Can Wind Chime

12. Repurposed Whisk Wind Chime

13. Easy DIY Copper Tubing Wind Chime

14. DIY Japanese Inspired Chime

15. Anthropologie Inspired Plastic Egg Wind Chime

16. Upcycled Coffee Can CD Wind Chimes


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