16 Simple And Easy Dollar Store Crafts You Can DIY In Under An Hour

Don’t know what to do for the weekend? How about making some cheap but cool crafts? It’s a productive way to spend your time when there’s nothing better to do.
As you know, dollar store crafts are best because you get the chance to express your creativity using very cheap and readily available items that you won’t feel bad for if it doesn’t really turn out the way you wanted it to. But if it does, it’ll make you happy because you’ve managed to create a decoration or an accessory for your home out of nothing. You can buy some pretty fabulous crafting items for a buck and use them to make impressive stuff.

Welcome to a new collections of DIY ideas in which we have featuredย 16 Simple And Easy Dollar Store Crafts You Can DIY In Under An Hour.ย The dollar store crafts that you’ll see below aren’t the kind that require you to be supper artistic or have an entire month at your disposal. They are all very easy and quick to make and will require only basic materials and crafting skills! Enjoy these ideas and happy crafting!

Thumbtacks Ampersand Art

Easy And Beautiful Enamel Painted Vases

Mod Podge Terra Cotta Pots

DIY Gold Striped Vases

Dollar Store Glass Bead Vase

Dollar Store Terrariums

Spring Table Runner Out Of Dishcloths

Elegant Votive Candle Holders

DIY Twine Pears

Picture Frame Greenhouse Terrariumย Dollar Store Crafts

DIY Sunburst Mirror

DIY Jewelry Tower

DIY Leaf Bowls

Polka Dot Mirror

Four Dollar Store Frames Chain

Rubber Door Mat Wall Art


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