16 Practically Elegant Scandinavian Laundry Room Interior Designs

Some parts of the home play an integral role of our everyday lives, but we rarely talk about them when we look at a certain home’s style. One of those rooms is certainly the laundry room. Without this room, or at least the utilities that it provides, our daily lives would be a lot different. You would need to spend a lot of time to keep your clothes clean and tidy.

The Scandinavian laundry room is quite alike the modern variation of this room. Often times it is a lot smaller as the Scandinavian style is quite popular in apartments and smaller lofts, so there’s not too much real estate to dedicate for the laundry room. But still, it gets the job done. Check out this new collection featuring 16 Practically Elegant Scandinavian Laundry Room Interior Designs. You’ll find plenty of amazing ideas.

1. House on a Ridge

2. Scandinavian Modern Rambler

3. Bedford St

4. Scandinavian Style Home Renovation

5. Scandi Home Laundry Room

6. Project LYNDEN

7. Escher House

8. Kastellgatan 12A

9. Petersham modern terrace

10. Duplex Apartment in Rathmines, Dublin

11. Laundry Corner

12. Sleek Modern Design

13. Scandinavian Laundry Room

14. Tudor-Inspired Family Home in Chicago

15. Blackshire

16. Duchess on the Drive


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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