16 Practical DIY Desks For Your Home Office

In many homes desk is mandatory piece of furniture. Whether it comes to children’s desk or desk with a computer that is used by the whole family, the time spent on the table is not negligible. Therefore you should pay attention to choose a suitable desk, depending on the type of work and the age of the person using it.

There are certain standards for the size and height of the table, and should in particular take into account the rules that apply to work on the computer. The desk should have above or below shelves or drawers to store all your needed things. This will allow greater visibility and more free work surface. The chair should be comfortable, anatomical, and is best when gives a leverage for arms and wheels. The backrest and the seating have to be regulated to adjust the angle and height of the seat. Always sit right so that the monitor is at eye level. In addition, we present you some clever DIY desks that you can do easy in your free time. See them and find idea to make the same in your home!


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