16 Magnificent Closet Designs With Sliding Doors

Bedrooms are often loaded with furniture, because of their small size, but mostly because of the size of the bed and wardrobe. Even in small rooms can be set spacious closets, if they are well designed and dimensioned. The most important feature of any wardrobe is its convenience. This applies to all partitions, shelves, drawers, hanging rods and all other benefits that it provides. In the past the closets in itself had a very reduced barriers. Today, thanks to the designers, it is possible within a small wardrobe to accommodate a larger number of shelves, hanging long and short clothes, drawers.

In our market there are closets with sliding doors all over-represented, and this trend will continue to grow. The reason for this is just the practical side of the sliding door. They are easy to open and does not take up space in the room, which means that these cabinets can be set to only fifty centimeters of the bed. Sliding doors provide both a great creativity and freedom in the space. They can be made from different materials and in a number of designs and colors. We made one collection of some beautiful closets with sliding doors, just to make your choice easier. Take a look below, and find inspiration!


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