16 Life-Saving DIY Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas

Sometimes, when you’ve decided to cook something complex that will require a lot of appliances, tools, pots, pans and dishes, the last thing you want is to spend time looking for each and then when you find them, to have to remove half of the cabinet or drawer in order to gain access. Not just for complex cooking projects, but this sort of stuff is annoying for everyday tasks in the kitchen and it stems from poor organization.

In order to help you turn your kitchen into a much better organized space, we’re going to show you these 16 Life-Saving DIY Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas. It might be a good idea to start by emptying your drawers and then selecting some things that you’ve never used to relocate them somewhere else. Your most accessible drawers should be for things that you use on a daily basis and then, we’re going to show you how to organize those things with plenty of easy to follow tutorials. Enjoy!

1. Use a Knife Block to store your knives in a drawer

2. Pantry Supplies in a drawer

3. Store Lids using a tension rod


5. Easy DIY Kitchen Drawer Organizer

6. Pull Out Bin Drawer

7. Store Spices in a drawer

8. Double – Tiered Drawers

9. DIY Kitchen Drawer Organization

10. DIY Pull Out Trash Cans

11. Rollout Drawer for Lids

12. DIY Drawer Dividers for Perfectly Organized Drawers

13. DIY Custom Wooden Drawer Organizer

14. Cutting Board Storage

15. Spice Drawer Insert



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