16 Genius DIY Ideas That Will Make Spring Cleaning A Breeze

We are all so excited that spring is finally here but not everything about it is fun. What could possibly be so opposite of exciting about spring? Oh, have you already done your spring cleaning? Yeah, that’s a real deal breaker when it comes to spring, isn’t it? But just because it is boring doesn’t mean that it has to be difficult!
We certainly can’t help you in making it less boring it but we can give you plenty of DIY ideas that are going to cut hours from the time it will take you to clean your entire home as well as save you some money.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we are going to show youΒ 16 Genius DIY Ideas That Will Make Spring Cleaning A Breeze. Check them out below and find out how to make your own cleaning supplies and find homemade cleaning solutions that are going to make some awfully long and difficult tasks much shorter and easier. There are also links to the tutorials that are going to explain everything that you need to do. Enjoy!

1. Clean Gross Window Tracks In One Step

2. Clean Your Kitchen Sink

3. Clean Your Air Vents For A Fresher Home

4. Clean Oven Glass

5. Deep-Clean Your Natural-Fabric Couch

6. Clean Your Shower Door Tracks

7. Quick And Easy Way To Clean Blinds

8. Spring Cleaning Checklist

9. Get Your Mirrors Streak-Free

10. Clean A Shower Head

11. Clean Inside A Dishwasher

12. Clean Out The Refrigerator

13. Clean Stove Burners

14. Homemade Tub, Tile And Grout Cleaner

15. Clean, Deodorize And Care For A Mattress

16. Easy Way To Clean Microwave


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