16 Functional Small Living Room Design Ideas

The center of each apartment is usually the living room: it is the best place for rest, to have fun and hang out. But how to create a living room that inspires in the space with small size? If you have a small living room, do not despair, because this room also can be arranged with style! Please note that dark colors will make the room smaller, so it is better to use bright colors, and if you want, you can add some dark accents.

Once you have created the optimum arrangement and you have decided for the dimensions of the furniture, than can go to the selection of the colors in the room. You probably know that bright colors will increase the space, so for the walls you need to use white or beige color. One wall can be in a different color, but let it be in pastel shades. In any case, use the rule of a small space, which is: the best is a combination of two colors, and a maximum in the space should be three colors!


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