16 Engaging Contemporary Sunroom Designs You’ll Want To Have

The sunroom is the modern version of a conservatory or a garden room. Although not completely extinct, there are less and less new homeowners who choose to build a sunroom in their home. Some of them don’t have the space for it while others don’t think it’s important or has nothing to offer. But there are really no limits when it comes to the uses of a sunroom. Most commonly, it is used as a space to get plentiful of sunlight while being sheltered inside your home. It is especially useful if the weather is less than perfect and you don’t want to feel closed.
Of course that is not the only reason people build sunrooms in their homes. It can be your indoor living space, just like the living room only more open to the outdoors to get more sunlight inside. You can also create an indoor-outdoor feeling, more like an enclosed porch. It all depends on what you really want to achieve.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we’ll show you 16 Engaging Contemporary Sunroom Designs You’ll Want To Have. The goal of today’s collection is to show you that a sunroom isn’t a thing of the past. A contemporary home can still have a sunroom that will fits its style. While we’re at it, don’t forget to check out the rest of the collections of our recent showcase of the contemporary style which includes the contemporary kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, kids’ room, home office, staircase and home barEnjoy!

Broadbeach Waters Lux Town House

Alderley Edge Renovation

Wood Paneled Contemporary Sunroom

Spring Terrace

Contemporary Sunroom

Timber Regency White Conservatory

Habersham – Buckhead

Contemporary Sunroom

Rockingham Drive Build

Timber Conservatory

Contemporary Sunroom in Madrid

Minimalist Style and open views

Cloverdale Residence

Rockwell PCH

Solarlux Sunroom

Mill Springs Ranch


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