16 Brilliant DIY Ideas That Turn Cereal Boxes Into Awesome Crafts

Is emptying a box of cereals part of your morning routine? But what do you do with the box? Stash it away so that you can throw it away later? Well, why don’t you try something new. Stash a few of those empty cereal boxes away but not so that you can throw them away, instead, we’re going to show you how to reuse them.
We’ve discovered plenty of amazing DIY ideas that can result in some really interesting crafts that you can add to your home decor while some of them are also incredibly practical and yet, they are all made out of the same old cereal boxes that you throw out every week.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we have compiledΒ 16 Brilliant DIY Ideas That Turn Cereal Boxes Into Awesome Crafts. Take a moment to explore the ideas that have made their way into our collection and you will immediately get excited about most of them. I mean, how can you not? They are so cool and yet you can make them all for free while also disposing of your potential garbage. And the best part? We’ve included tutorials that are going to guide you along the way with complete step by step instructions. Enjoy!

1. DIY Washi Tape Cereal Box Organizer

2. Cereal Box Upcycled Into A Magnetic Paper Bin

3. Desk Magazine Holder

4. DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

5. Inspiration Board Organizer

6. Clever Gift Box

7. Recycled Starburst Mirror

8. Dollar Tree Contact Paper And Used Boxes Wall Art

9. DIY Ribbon-Tie Vanity Basket

10. Industrial Decorative Spheres

11. Cereal Box Craft Room Organizer

12. Marquee Light Made From Duct Tape & Cereal Box

13. Sheet Music Monogram

14. Cereal Box Mosaic Frame

15. Upcycled Embroidery Floss Spools

16. DIY Woven Paper Baskets


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