16 Awesome DIY Shopping Bags That Will Match Your Style

Reusable shopping bags are an amazing way to reduce plastic pollution but that is not the only thing they come handy for. Most shopping bags have really bland designs and have absolutely no value to add to your outfit and the ones that are actually designed to look nice cost more than you’ll ever want to spend on a shopping bag. The solution? DIY shopping bags that are both practical and look quite nice. As usual, you have utmost creative freedom when it comes to the design of the DIY shopping bags which means that you can have as many different ones as you want, perhaps one for each outfit.

Take a look at this new collection of DIY projects in which we’re going to show you how to make these 16 Awesome DIY Shopping Bags That Will Match Your Style. The DIY shopping bags that you’ll see below are incredibly easy to make. Yes, most of them require a little bit of sewing but it is so simple, even an absolute beginner will be able to do it. To make it even easier, we’ve included step by step instructions which you can easily access on the tutorial links below each image. Enjoy!

1. Fold-Up Market Tote

2. DIY Geometric Printed Tote Bag

3. Knotted Fabric Shopper Tote

4. T-Shirt Bag

5. Foldaway Shopping Bags With Carrying Case

6. Fabric Grocery Bags

7. Eco Shopping Bag From An Old Pillowcase

8. Reversible DIY Shopping Bags

9. Strawberry Reusable Shopping Bags

10. Cornishware Ruffled Shopping Bag

11. Shopping Tote DIY

12. DIY No Sew Reusable Grocery Bag

13. DIY Iron-On Tote Bag

14. Sew A Fold Up Shopping Bag

15. Upcycled Denim Hexagon Shopping Bag

16. Springy Market Tote


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