16 Awesome DIY Bathroom Storage Hacks Every Bathroom Needs

If there is one thing we know about storage space, then it is that there is never enough of it. Speaking of things that you’ll have never enough of – DIY bathroom storage hacks because we keep finding more and more of them.
Regardless of the size of your bathroom, there will never be enough storage for all the things that you have, that is why we invite you to explore the creative and practical DIY bathroom storage ideas and find solutions for some of your bathroom storage issues.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we have featured 16 Awesome DIY Bathroom Storage Hacks Every Bathroom Needs. Take a look at them below and who knows, maybe you’ll be able to find exactly what you need to improve your bathroom’s storage potential. And don’t worry about spending money because all of the projects that we’ve featured in this collection are very simple and easy to craft, requiring very little supplies. Also, they come together with complete step by step tutorials for your comfort. Enjoy!

1. Rustic Pallet Wood Towel Rack

2. Repurpose a Mesh File Box into a Hair Appliance Holder

3. Towel Rack Hangers

4. Put up a second curtain rod on the backside of your shower to have a place to hang shower necessities

5. DIY Fabric Toilet Paper Holder

6. PVC Pipe Toothbrush Storage

7. Towel Rack Baskets

8. Mason Jar Organizer


10. Plumbing Pipe Towel Bar

11. Spice Rack Organizers

12. Ladder Towel Rack

13. Under Cabinet Curling Iron Storage

14. Bathroom DIY Magazine Rack

15. Fast and Easy DIY Shelving

16. DIY Magnetic Strip in Bathroom


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