16 Attractive Bedrooms With Accent Wall To Break The Monotony

After the battle in which we managed to push the bed, night cabinets and wardrobes into the room for sleeping, we realize that this is only half of the work. The next stage is coming – how to arrange the walls, what to put on them … and especially above the ‘main’ on which the bed is placed? The experience of interior designers shows that for the bedroom, in aesthetic sense – we care the least. The look of the living room and the bathroom, for us is more important than the space in the room for sleeping. You can correct this mistake and then make a small makeover in which you will add decorations in the form of wallpaper, paint, shelves, art paintings, wall lamps, wooden panels, mirrors, etc … The ideas are really much more than a framed photograph from the wedding or from our children. Usually, such a photograph is the only thing we put on the wall that is most noticeable in the bedroom – the one above the bed.

If we carefully design it by combining various decorations and practical elements such as shelves or proper lighting, the wall above the bed will become an interesting aesthetic unit with the rest of the room. So you should take care of the colors, patterns and materials of the elements that decorate that wall. In any case, do not overdose with the details or put too many books on the shelves, if you decide for them, especially if you have a bed with a high upholstered headboard. In order to make your selection easier, we offer you some more great ideas in our gallery below.


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