16 Astounding Victorian Exterior Designs You’ll Wish Your Home Had

The Victorian exterior design, specifically the shingle style is quite a popular sight in the US but that is not how it always used to be. It was rather rare during its beginnings in the 19th century but it has been gaining popularity during the years and it still is a viable choice for many existing and new homeowners. Of course, it is very similar to the traditional and farmhouse home design styles but it has got its own quirks and features that distinguish it, making the Victorian home design style an interesting option.

We’ve created a fresh collection of 16 Astounding Victorian Exterior Designs You’ll Wish Your Home Had with the goal of getting you familiar with this impressive style and perhaps making you a loyal fan. Actually, we’ve going on for quite a while about this style in our recent showcase. This is the last collection of this batch of Victorian designs so make sure you explore it thoroughly beginning from the Victorian kitchen interior and slowly making your way to the porch. Enjoy!

1. Extraordinary Victorian Exterior

2. Victoria Residence

3. Lake Front Home, Lake Sunapee NH

4. Shingle-Style House: Weston MA

5. Riverfront Living

6. Modern Shingle Style I

7. Cape Cod Shingle Style

8. Daniel Island 2

9. Camelia Court Residence

10. Cape May Point – Sancturary

11. Greenwich Shingle Style

12. Kearney Hill – Waterfront Shingle Style

13. Buena Vista Queen Anne Victorian

14. Shingle Style in Mid Country Greenwich

15. Country Club Drive, Long Island

16. Victorian Home Exterior


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