16 Amazing Coastal Wine Cellar Designs Your Beach House Must Have

Living in a home by the coast is a luxury in its own but if you wanna take it up a notch and you know you love your wines, then the next logical step is building a coastal wine cellar that will not only store but also properly display your wine collection. This kind of luxury addition is not something that you can find in most homes but that only makes it that much more appealing. Sometimes a home bar is just not enough and a fully-fledged wine cellar is what you need to do your wine collection justice.

In this fresh compilation of interior designs, we’ve showcased 16 Amazing Coastal Wine Cellar Designs Your Beach House Must Have. If you’re a wine lover and you know it, you’re definitely going to enjoy browsing through these designs as you will have the unique opportunity of harvesting creative ideas that can help you turn a corner of your home into a private wine cellar. Enjoy!

1. Heliotrope II

2. Bayshores Drive

3. Marblehead Residence

4. Shoreline Kitchen


5. Santa Monica Coastal Wine Cellar

6. Acacia Home

7. Modern Organic Stamford on the water

8. Broad Avenue Studios, Inc.


9. Coastal Elegance

10. Cedar Point

11. Stonington Cliffs

12. Lakeshore Home

13. North Palm Beach

14. Modern Farmhouse at Solana Beach

15. Under the Stairs Glass Wine Cellar

16. Modern Point Lot Home


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Author: Fidan Jovanov

Fidan Jovanov

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