15 Super Simple DIY Birdhouse Projects That Will Bring Life To Your Garden

Have you been wondering what is the best way to liven up your garden? Sure you’ve tried planting more flowers, plants and trees. Your lawn might be perfect, but what’s that thing that is missing? Real living dΓ©cor – birds. Spring and summer have the option of blessing the outdoors with the lovely song of the birds and you can have some of that in your garden too.

Inviting the birds over to your garden is not too difficult. All you need to do is provide food and shelter to them and they will come. If you’ve already set up a bird feeder with something for the birds to eat, you could look into building a charming DIY birdhouse that will not only decorate your garden but will be able to provide some shelter for a few little birds. Check out this new compilation of DIY ideas featuring 15 Super Simple DIY Birdhouse Projects That Will Bring Life To Your GardenΒ and you’re going to discover plenty of awesome ideas you can easily make. Enjoy!

1. Easy 1-Board Bird House

2. DIY Bird House

3. Detailed Bird House

4. $1 Modern Cedar Birdhouse

5. Modern Birdhouse

6. DIY Gourd Birdhouses

7. Simple Modern Birdhouse

8. Birdhouse with a license plate for a roof

9. DIY Bluebird House

10. Make a Stone Birdhouse

11. DIY Birdhouse with a Pretty Penny Roof

12. Whimsical Birdhouse

13. Upcycled Birdhouse from a Decorative Table Clock

14. Log Cabin Bird House

15. Rustic Birdhouse


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