15 Super Easy DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects For Your Outdoor Spaces

Looking to brighten up an outdoor space but trying to keep a low impact on your budget? That sounds like the perfect candidate for DIY reclaimed wood projects that are well suited for outdoor spaces. So, what is reclaimed wood? Basically, it is any kind of piece of wood that is no longer being used for its original purpose. You probably have a bunch in your garage or backyard. One of the most common choices is pallet wood because it is cut in manageable planks. I bet you have at least 1 of these stashed away somewhere.

So, what can you do for your outdoor spaces using reclaimed wood? As it turns out, quite a lot. Check out this new collection of DIY ideas in which we’ve showcased these 15 Super Easy DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects For Your Outdoor Spaces. Take a few moments to explore all of these projects and you’re going to discover plenty of awesome DIY solutions that can be applied to your backyard, garden or porch. Of course, all of them have detailed step by step instructions you can follow. Enjoy!


2. DIY Porch Planters

3. DIY Planter Boxes

4. DIY Reclaimed Wood Planter Box

5. Decorative Porch Sign

6. DIY Sun Loungers

7. Create a Rustic DIY Bathing Suit Rack

8. Fence Picket A/C Unit Cover

9. Building a Wood Shed from Old Fence

10. DIY Wooden Arrow

11. DIY Tree Bench

12. Cracked Log Lamp

13. DIY pallet stenciled side table

14. pallet wood garden walkway

15. Reclaimed Wood Flower Pot Holder


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