15 Sophisticated Industrial Powder Room Designs You Didn’t Expect

The industrial home design style is an acquired taste. Show it to someone who has never been exposed to something similar and they might run from it, but it doesn’t take too much to really get to know and appreciate this style. It is really unique and it is incredible open to alterations and customization that might not pass in some of the more modern or traditional styles that have stricter rules. If you look at the industrial powder room for example, you’ll be able to notice plenty of striking features that no other style has to offer.

Welcome to our latest compilation of interior designs in which we’ve displayed 15 Sophisticated Industrial Powder Room Designs You Didn’t Expect. Take a few moments to go through the designs that have made it into the cut and you will find your love for the industrial style. It truly is a unique way to design your home, one that will definitely make you appreciate your home more and more each time you visit a home with a generic, boring interior design. In any case, this collection is a part of our ongoing showcase of the industrial style where you will find designs of the kitchen,Β bathroom,Β bedroom, living room and dining room. Enjoy!

1. Interior Renovation – Manhattan, NY

2. The Industrial Chic Home

3. South Congress Penthouse


5. Industrial Powder Room

6. Graffiti House

7. Williamsburg Loft

8. Industrial Quarters

9. Industrial Powder Room Design

10. Art & Music apartment

11. Serrano Luxury Loft

12. Industrial Interior

13. West Grand Avenue Full Condo Remodel

14. San Uzel Brutalist Guest Home

15. Loft HOUSE


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