15 Smart DIY Ways To Keep Your Cat Entertained In Your Home

Are you a cat owner? Well, chances are you probably are, otherwise you wouldn’t be browsing through a collection dedicated to entertaining cats in your home. But how much do you love your cat? Do you love it enough to make sure that its living a good life even when you don’t have time to play with it? Are you buying toys and other things to keep your cat active? They are usually expensive so if you can’t afford to buy any production toys for your feline, you can always make some by yourself. You need something awesome to give to your kitty cat from time to time, so what if we told you that you can introduce new things to your cat pretty often without spending much, or any money at all?

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we have featured 15 Smart DIY Ways To Keep Your Cat Entertained In Your Home. The goal of this collection is to show you some ideas that you can do by yourself, all for your cat. You can surprise it with new cat tents, toys and climbing trees without spending as much as a dime. How? By spending some of your free time and doing what the instructions of the following ideas guide you through. Enjoy!

Easy DIY T-Shirt Cat Toy

DIY Cat Ladder Fort

DIY Hanging Window Basket Cat Perch

Hide The Litter Box Inside A Chest

Cat Tree Wall Ikea Hack

DIY Vase Scratching Post

DIY Modern Pet Bowl Stand

Climbing Wall For Cats

Create An Under Table Cat Hammock

Make A Window Perch For Your Kitty

DIY Self PEtting Station For Your Cats

DIY Magic Carpet Cat Hammock

DIY Cat Teepee

Easy DIY Cat Cave

IKEA Hack Cat Hammock


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