15 Relaxing Tropical Bathroom Designs For The Summer

There might not be much left of this summer, but in the tropical areas it is always summer. That is why we decided to warm you up a bit with our collection ofΒ 15 relaxing tropical bathroom designs for the summerΒ in which we have featured all kinds ofΒ tropical bathroomΒ creations from various tropical areas of the world.
In this collection, you will find bathroom designs which are specific for the tropical places such as Hawaii for example whose design features the use of wood such as bamboo and a lot of green plants to add some contrast to the overall light or white design of the whole bathroom. The tropical bathroom design is also widely know for having huge windows and glass walls in order to attract more natural light inside and reduce the need of artificial lighting. But probably the most specific thing that marks the tropical bathroom design are the view it offers while you are having a shower. Most commonly, you will get an absolutely breathtaking view at the ocean or sea, or sometimes, you get to see a lovely zen garden.

A Tropical Bathroom Design in Hawaii

Zen Bathroom

Master Bath

Garden Bathroom

A Tropical Master Bathroom

Hawaiian Tropical Bathroom

Kanae Lot 1


Pacific Modern

Hawaii Residence

Jupiter Island


Master Bath

Soltz-Belas Residence

Filter House


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