15 Outstanding Victorian Patio Designs You Just Have To Have

When it comes to the patio, a lot of people think that it is just an outdoors furniture set. But getting the patio right includes a whole lot more than just choosing a table and a few chairs to put around it. The Victorian patio for example, is mostly defined by the arrangements around the outdoor furniture which may or may not include a table and chairs. It creates a beautiful, cozy atmosphere that really makes you want to spend a lot more time outside.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we will show you these 15 Outstanding Victorian Patio Designs You Just Have To Have. Take a quick break from whatever it is that you are doing and explore the photographs that we’ve made part of this collection. You’ll see plenty of awesome designs and I bet you’ll find a few you’d wish you had in your own backyard. If you find yourself a fan of this style, make sure you pay our recent showcase a visit. We’ve covered designs of the Victorian entryway, porch and deck. Enjoy!

1. Large Family Garden in Wimbledon

2. Shingle Style

3. Victorian Patio

4. Mill Valley Cottage

5. Shingle Style Estate

6. Victorian Deck

7. Pelham Shingle Style for a Modern Family

8. Greenwich Waterfront Shingle

9. Peace of the Rock

10. Victorian Patio

11. Middle Beach Cottage

12. Gazebo

13. Grattan Residence

14. Shingle Style

15. Manchester Shingle Style


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