15 Spectacular Victorian Deck Designs You Will Drool Over

The beauty of a deck is the freedom to enjoy your outdoor areas in any way you want. For example, a Victorian deck is very versatile, giving you the option to create an entertainment area, a lounge area or even a family dining area, all using the same space. Of course, all of this depends on the amount of actual space that you’ve got at your disposal but in the end, there’s always a solution for it as you’ll see in the many examples in our collection.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we are continuing our showcase of the Victorian style with these 15 Spectacular Victorian Deck Designs You Will Drool Over. The designs of Victorian decks that we’ve made part of this collection are aimed to broaden your views of the Victorian home design style when it comes to the outdoor areas. We’ve already featured 15 Eye-catching Victorian Entryway Designs You’re Gonna Love and 15 Captivating Victorian Porch Designs You Won’t Be Able To Refuse so make sure you give those a look. Enjoy!

1. Pacific Heights Victorian

2. Osterville Captain’s House

3. Shingled Modern

4. Westport, CT – Victorian/Transitional Home Remodel

5. Garden Gazebo

6. Victorian Deck

7. Stubbs Bay Residence

8. Belgravia Residence

9. Trumper Street, Ermington

10. Summer veranda

11. Harborside Victorian

12. Palmerston

13. Victorian Deck

14. Green Lake Classic

15. Outdoor Living


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