15 Outstanding Scandinavian Living Room Designs With A Brilliant Charm

How would you describe the Scandinavian style? Trying my best, I’d use the words, modern furniture, general lack of clutter, emphasis on functionality, white and bright palette and wooden floors. This is exactly what we’ll be looking for in the Scandinavian living room design today.
Of course, this style is much more than just furniture from IKEA. It is all about the functionality of the room and since the living room is a rather multi-functional space, this style works out quite well.

Welcome to a new collection of interiors in which we’ve featured 15 Outstanding Scandinavian Living Room Designs With A Brilliant Charm. Take a look at them below and you will discover plenty of amazing Scandinavian designs that will give you a variety of ideas you could use in your own home. Remember, we’ve started work on a new showcase of this style so you can expect to find more than the existing designs of the Scandinavian kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Enjoy!

1. Scandinavian Living Room

2. Cannero, Milano

3. Viktoriagatan 19

4. Scandinavian Living Room

5. Ånäsvägen 6A

6. Hedåsgatan 14A

7. Church Street

8. Highpark residence

9. Rocha in the Orchards

10. Bina Gardens

11. Scandinavian Living Room

12. Murphy Street Project

13. Holiday Drive

14. Toronto Bloor West Village

15. villa Saltsjö-Boo


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