18 Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchen Designs That Will Brighten Your Day

When it comes to the design of a kitchen, practicality is very important, if not, the most important aspect that needs to be considered. However, the kitchen is much more than just a functional space you use to cook and prepare food. In most modern homes, the kitchen is also partially a dining room and partially an entertainment area which is why a lot of people describe the kitchen as the central hub of the home. One particular style that does so well to focus on the functional aspects of the kitchen but with a sleek and modern design the Scandinavian kitchen design.

In this fresh collection of interior designs we are going to show you these 18 Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchen Designs That Will Brighten Your Day. After exploring the designs that we’ve made part of this compilation, you’ll notice that the Scandinavian kitchen is very bright and clean, with an elegant look. It has everything a kitchen needs yet it looks very clean and tidy, not showing anything more than what needs to be displayed at a given time. This is the reason we like the Scandi style and it is why we are going to create a complete showcase about it, so stay tuned.

1. Halo House

2. Brick & Gable House

3. Heliosgatan 14 A

4. Henley Kitchen

5. Ånäsvägen 6A

6. Chigwell Refurb

7. Wardo Avenue

8. Trentham Passive House

9. Scandinavian Kitchen

10. Hedåsgatan 14A

11. Fox Family Home

12. Bright Organic Kitchen

13. The Montgomery Project

14. Kommendörsgatan 7A

15. Scandinavian Kitchen

16. The Wests – Blue Plywood Kitchen

17. Bina Gardens

18. Compact Scandinavian Duplex


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