15 Out Of The Ordinary Eclectic Entry Designs For Your Home

The entrance to your home is the first and last room that your guests will see, that is why creating a welcoming and memorable space is important. The eclectic entry is more than just a simple doorway. It is the space where the transition from the public world to the private world is made. It should reflect your home’s style and create a single point from which all the other rooms flow.

Combine all of that with the eclectic style which is something like a turntable that samples all of the other styles by mixing and matching old and new, luxe and humble, showy and quiet. This of course, doesn’t mean that you can just throw a little bit from everything everywhere, that way you create a mess. The liberty and leeway that make the eclectic style so appealing is what also makes it quite tricky. That is why you need to be careful.

In order to give you some ideas about making your entry stand out from the others, we have created this unique collection of 15 Out Of The Ordinary Eclectic Entry Designs For Your Home. In this collection, you are going to see a variety of eclectic entry designs which are not something that you get to see in most normal houses. This style is unique and these designs are the best examples of it. Enjoy!

Eclectic Entry

Electic Art & Music House

Harlem Apartment – Hall

Hollywood Regency- Turnberry Ocean Colony Sunny Isles, Fl

Eclectic Entry

the cinnamon post

Baileyana Road

Garden Oasis Entryway

31107 Coast Highway, Laguna Beach

Regent’s Park House

Stockett Drive, Franklin, TN

Entry Pergola

Colorful Cottage

Bar Chart Bliss Rug

Southern Living Idea House


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