15 Mesmerizing Scandinavian Bathrooms To Refresh Your Home With

The core design principles of the Scandinavian interior design are simplicity, minimalism and functionality. This, along with the white and pastel colors as well as the contrasting black in some cases is what describes a Scandinavian bathroom interior design.
You can find more about the Scandinavian design in our recent collection of 16 Staggering Scandinavian Kitchen Designs For Your Modern House which is the article with which we started a showcase of the Scandinavian design style in which we will try and feature as many rooms and designs as we can.

Welcome to our latest interior design collection of the Scandinavian style showcase in which we have featured 15 Mesmerizing Scandinavian Bathrooms To Refresh Your Home With. With this collection we are continuing our showcase of the Scandinavian design style with 15 of the best Scandinavian bathrooms that we managed to find. Enjoy!

Vine Road

Urban Modern

Bronte Apartment

77 Glebe

Mentone House

Harmonia – Finland

Scandinavian Bathroom

Clark Avenue

2 W 67th St, New York NY

Union Square Loft – Bathroom

Scandinavian Modern Condominium

White Scandinavian Bathroom

St Martin’s Lofts

Yeo Street Neutral Bay

Edinburgh New Town


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