15 Majestic Modern Bathroom Designs For Inspiration

The bathroom is a subject we like to cover every time we find new designs in order to present them to you. First, take a look at some of our previous collections of bathroom designs such as 15 relaxing tropical bathroom designs for the summer and 15 luxury Mediterranean bathroom designs so that you will be prepared and in the mood for seeing photos of modern bathroom designs.

Today, we have made a collection of 15 majestic modern bathroom designs for inspiration which will take your breath away with the simplicity of their design and their elegant and modern look.
As we all know, the modern bathroom design is most commonly and widely known for it’s employment of straight lines and sharp edges as well as simple color schemes without too many accents, especially on the walls. And one of the main and best features of the modern bathroom design is that it uses large glass walls and glass objects in order to make the space look much bigger than it is, unless it’s already big enough.

Zen bathroom in Brentwood, Ca. with a Japanese soaking tub.

Master Bath with Glass Opening

Tarrytown Phase II Guest Suite

Silicon Valley Modern Tea House



Hollywood Hybrid

The Huot Residence in the Oriental Warehouse

Fairview Residence

FORMA Design

2011 Stampede Dream Home

Magnolia Modern


Contemporary Bathroom – Bastasch Residence

LG House – Ensuite Shower and Bath


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