15 Majestic Luxury Contemporary Residence Designs You Must See

If you do a little search on our website for contemporary residence you are going to find a lot of posts with a lot of amazing photos from a lot of stunning contemporary residence designs from all around the world. After you check out all of those designs, you are going to understand why we are so “obsessed” with the contemporary and modern designs. We just can’t resist their stunning beauty which features minimalist decoration as well as extremely neat engineering and design.

In today’s collection of 15 Majestic Luxury Contemporary Residence Designs You Must See we will be showcasing another fifteen outstandingly beautiful and luxury contemporary residence designs that we thought that you must see. We hope that you will enjoy this collection as you observe these extremely expensive homes that have been built in the contemporary style featuring sharp and straight lines and edges, lack of excessive accents and a variety of materials. Enjoy!

Wine County Sidebreeze

Luxury Town House

Overlook Show Home

Cliff House

Hollywood Waterfront

Geneva Home – Design First Interiors

915 Bellevue

Lanoma Place

Thayer Residence

Boulder Contemporary Residence

Sunset Strip

Water-tower project

Weinstein Residence

Pass Residence

Mountain Modern Digs


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