15 Magnificent Contemporary Home Designs – Part 1

The contemporary home design is undisputedly considered as one of the trending home design styles of today. I am sure you’ve seen hundreds of wonderful contemporary homes if you’ve been browsing our site for a while, so you shouldn’t be surprised that it is a style that we too adore. But what sets the contemporary home design style apart and what makes it so sought after nowadays?

First of all, this style builds on the best practices of other styles, styles that have been around for centuries. It is not uncommon to come across elements of the traditional home design when looking at a contemporary home, but almost always it is wrapped in a more modern, minimalist shell. After all, the contemporary home aims for a combination between elegance and practicality and we believe that the designs that we’ve compiled in this list of 15 Magnificent Contemporary Home Designs hit the spot. However, these are not a complete list, so check back soon for the second part of this collection. Enjoy!

1. Los Gatos Contemporary Ranch Remodel + Addition


3. Contemporary Home Design

4. Wilmar Residence

5. Contemporary Exterior

6. High House

7. Ditton Hilll

8. Santiago Residence

9. West 22nd

10. Boise Passive House

11. Cliffwood Residence

12. Compact Contemporary Dwelling

13. Triumph Residence

14. Kirkland Rose Hill Modern

15. University Area Residence

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