15 Lovely DIY Shabby Chic Decor Ideas That Will Save You Some Money

Shabby chic decor is awesome because it can turn your home into a friendlier and cozier place. It is great because it disregards the style in which your home is decorated most of the time with its timeless look. It can fit in any traditional home but also in most rustic, industrial and modern homes. This has made the shabby chic decor get quite popular late. And as anything that gains any popularity, stores are going to have it.
But if you’ve been to a furniture store recently, you are already aware that all of the small and simple stuff that you want for your home is so overpriced that you immediately get put off the idea to introduce this type of decor in your home.
But if you really love the shabby chic decor, you shouldn’t give up because of that reason because we are going to show you that it is not difficult at all to DIY your own shabby chic decor items. All we ask of you is some patience, some of your free time and a lot of your creativity and ingenuity.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we are going to show youΒ 15 Lovely DIY Shabby Chic Decor Ideas That Will Save You Some Money.Β The goal of today’s collection of DIY ideas is to present the shabby chic decor to you in all of its glory. We want to show to you that this type of decor is romantic, chic and sort of casual. It works great with farmhouse and traditional decor, but it doesn’t feel like an eyesore in more modern settings too.
All of the projects that you’ll see below are incredibly simple but very nice looking. They also come together with step by step tutorials that are going to instruct you how to do it.
Here’s how to do it:

1. Attach lace curtains to a wood beam

This rustic look is achieved by using reclaimed wood planks to create an illusion of a wood beam. The lace curtains help create a romantic atmosphere.

2. Create an aqua ruffled comforter

This ruffled aqua blue comforter is just what you need in your bedroom for the warm summer.

3. Or a ruffled bedskirt

Just by folding a sheet multiple times, you can easily create a ruffled bedskirt without having to sew anything.

4. Use PVC pipes to create a bed canopy

Buy cheap PVC pipes which you can hang on the ceiling to create a frame on which you can attach a canopy for your bed.

5. Hang an antique door headboard shutter

This shelf made of an old window shutter and the headboard made of an antique door define the shabby chic decor.

6. Turn a vintage crate into a footstool – DIY Shabby Chic Decor

Use one of your crates as a footstool with a vintage look.

7. DIY reversible burlap and lace table runner

A little burlap and some lace can help you create an amazing table runner.

8. Cover your windows in lace for more privacy and an elegant look

If you want more privacy, or simply some extra elegance in your bedroom, you can get away for almost no cost with this lace idea.

9. Turn an old window into a shelf

You can use an old window as a shelf by hanging it on the wall.

10. You can craft a table out of an old trunk

Craft yourself a cute side table out of an old trunk or a suitcase.

11. Dream canopy bed project

There is nothing more elegant in a bedroom than a bed surrounded by transparent, white canopy. Now you can easily have that in your bedroom for almost no money at all.


12. DIY canvas wall art flowers

Spice up your decor by crafting this incredibly simple wall art idea with some lace and an empty canvas.


13. Tin cans can make awesome shabby glam decor

Don’t throw away undamaged tin cans! You can turn them into this cute decoration with some paint and a strip of burlap.

14. Distressed Furniture

Check the following tutorial to see how to easily distress furniture using nothing but the plain old vinegar.

15. Wrap yarn around unused glass bottles

Get some yarn and wrap it around some of your unused wine bottles to create this amazing decoration which can be also used as a flower vase.


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