15 Lovely DIY Decor Ideas For The Baby Shower

If you are expecting a young addition to your family, you’re probably already planning the baby shower. Should you hire someone to decorate your home or should you just buy decorations for the store? These are some of the questions that you might be asking but the answer is neither! Instead, you can spend a couple of hours to create DIY decor for the upcoming baby shower. This way you are guaranteed to have the most personalization freedom while you will also save quite a lot of money.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we’ve featuredΒ 15 Lovely DIY Decor Ideas For The Baby Shower. All of the ideas that we’re going to give you today are extremely simple but that doesn’t stop them from looking dapper. Check them out below and follow the tutorials if you decide that you want to make any of them and you will be able to easily decorate your home for a very awesome party. Enjoy!

1. DIY Balloon Arch

2. DIY Decor Simple Baby Banner

3. Boho & Bubbly Baby Shower

4. DIY Name Garland

5. DIY Picture Balloons

6. Make A Diaper Bouquet

7. Oh Baby Tablecloth DIY

8. Napkin Dress Tutorial

9. Yarn Wrapped Letter

10. DIY Pom Pom Chandelier

11. Paper Flower Sacks

12. Make A Onesie Bunting

13. Giant Baby Block Decorations

14. DIY Baby Socks Rose Flower Bouquet

15. Baby Shower Balloons


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